In the sports world, there are two categories of wagers that bettors place every single day. 

These are single and parlays.



Singles is the main bet that comes to mind when we think of sports. 

A lot of people place singles because only one outcome needs to occur to receive a payout. 

You can receive a profitable return on your bet without accumulating as much risk as you would take on with a parlay.

What is parlay and why sports bettors should avoid parlays?

The easiest definition is that a parlay is a selection of two or more picks, up to 20 usually, that are all included on a single ticket or bet. 

If every pick ends up being right, then the ticket wins and your payout is likely going to be fairly big.

One loss in any of the bets on the ticket, however, and the entire ticket is a loser.

Parlays are most popular during football season where bettors will oftentimes string together a dozen bets in hopes of striking it rich, and sportsbooks readily play into this get-rich-quick mentality.

The parlay  is the most dangerous among sports because the hitting is very rare or never. 

And when you will hit it, you will still be on minus long term.

Why single-game changes everything:

Single is the easiest and most bankroll way to do it.

Think about how you hit about 75% of the placed bets with odds 1.75-2.00.

Let’s say you bet 100$ per each single wager / match with 1 bet per day.

You have 30 days in your calendar this means 30 bets per month. Iff you hit 20 bets on 1.75 odds and lose 10, after 30 days you will still profit 500$.

Because 0.75 (the odd – your win per bet) x 20 (winned matches) = 15 buyins, where the so-called buy in in our situation is 100$, so we win 1500$ from the winning bets.
Now we subtract from the 1500$ the 10 buy-ins that we have lost which equals 1000$, and we remain for the 30 days with 500$.

So the increase is huge!! 20% over your bankroll for 75% hitrate.

In case you are using parlays, you should avoid them totally, the professional winning bettors are never using parlays, and use a tipster service that wins minimum 65% of all the tips.

Why should I use a tipster service?

Because the more you stay connected on the sports websites, the more you will lose.

The more you get hooked up / attached the more you will lose, by selecting a tipster service and bet only the tip of the day without spending or thinking any time of your life you avoid this kind of thing, and guess what, you will really make some money.

Tipster service, AI or whatever you choose to use, sends only 1 match per day because this is how professionals are doing, just be sure to pick one with over 65% winrate per month for all the tips sent.

I hope that you have enjoyed our article Single versus Parlay on sports.

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